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Denis - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

I skied today, cross country at Kirkwood.  A half foot of new cold smoke, sun and clouds mixed, 19 deg., light breeze.  Beautiful.  I overextended myself pretty badly.  Got to the far end of the layout and was exhausted enough that I feared being unable to get back.  Obviously I did.  I began to get some rhythm and technique back.  They say if you can walk you can cross country ski.  Well, you can slow shuffle.  To kick and glide efficiently takes technique and timing.  Also, it turned out that I had been slowly climbing on the way out and got the benefit on the way back.  Shoulder was fine, lower back sore.

Went to Red Cliff lodge at Kirkwood for lunch and for the only time in my life saw 40 foot snow banks at the side of the road.

one year ago

Oh Denis! I’m so glad to hear you were able to get out (and return) !!!! I KNOW!!! The snow is off the hook in Lake Tahoe/Kirkwood! I think I heard someone say there has not been this much snow since the 1920’s


Ha ha - here is a pic of me walking to  a house in Incline Village …. it is like being in a giant snow maze !!!


one year ago

Wonderful news, Denis

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