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Survey for Wisp Resort regulars
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2 years ago

Hello everyone!

I’m new to this forum. And I’d like to start this post off with saying I am an active skier myself. Wisp and Blue Knob are my two favorites south of New York on the east coast. 

But I need the ski communities help! I’m working on a graduate study project for the town of Oakland MD, which is a Main Street town that’s only 9 miles from Wisp Resort and the Deep Creek Lake area.

If you’re a regular skier at Wisp, could you please take a few minutes to fill out this survey for me? I’m working with the town on a revitalization plan and we are trying to get a better feel for the ski community and tourist community that visits the region, and their opinions of the town, etc, whether they visit it regularly when you come to the region or not. Anyone that self-identifies as a regular at Wisp, ie one visit per year or more, to the region in winter or summer, is welcome to complete the survey.  


This is for my graduate school capstone project, similar to a thesis, from Virginia Commonwealth University. Thank you very much for your time! 



David Stewart

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