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Cheapest last-minute snowshoe lift tickets? / Anyone have an unwanted Snowshoe 3-for-all?
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one year ago

Anyone know of any way to get cheap last minute lift tickets? I’ve had a trip planned for a while and one of my friends didn’t buy his 3-for-all pass in November and assumed that he would just get his tickets on the mountain; meanwhile, I thought he bought it so now we’re in a situation where everyone else is going to ski Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday but he’ll need to pay a ridiculous price to do it.

We’ve tried craigslist but they either sell out too quickly or the sellers refuse to send as much as a photo confirmation that they have a pass.

If you have advice I can pass on to him as well, I’d be happy to hear that too.


one year ago

I have a day left on two passes (2 days total) that I was getting ready to post on craigslist.  If interested, shoot me an email at millerj826 at gmail.

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