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Seven Springs opens Friday
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Updated 10 months ago
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10 months ago

Not to be outdone, Seven Springs will open on Friday. $58 dollar lift tickets, no details on coverage but I’m pretty sure that Wagner and Fawn will be open as in the past openings.

10 months ago

Hidden Valley reports on their Facebook page that they will assess the success of their snowmaking prior to making a decision on opening. They have made an impressive effort to make snow. 

10 months ago

It amazes me how fast they can make snow when the temps cooperate.




10 months ago

<waits for someone to jump in about how awful Nutting is and how everything has gotten more expensive and at the same time worse>

I understand criticism is often valid and productive, but seriously, the guy owns the only game(s) in town….there’s really no pressure to get open like this.  Additional single day ticket sales are probably break even at best.  

Anyone know if they are making snow at LM?


10 months ago

According to an email that I just received, they are not. Verbatim…

We are getting the final touches in place on our new snowmaking systems and the guns will be ready to roar back to life the first week of December! Before you know it, you’ll be looking out over the valley from high on the mountaintop, ready to take your first runs of the season at Laurel Mountain. 

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