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More snowmaking equipment arrives at Canaan Valley Resort
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one year ago

Is it winter yet? Here at Canaan Valley Resort Ski Area we are doing everything we can think of to make it a great ski season. We just increased our snowmaking capacity even more by adding six “stick guns,” which allow for quick snow making and are known for being highly efficient. The guns will be located on our popular 1.25-mile Timber Trail. They will complement the five “T40” propeller-driven snow guns which we also recently acquired.

There’s still time to get your discounted season pass. Rates go up Oct. 1. The ski area is scheduled to open Dec. 10 this year. See you on the slopes!

one year ago

Nice, I love the canaan ski area primarily because it is very aesthetically pleasing to ski with all the spruce trees instead of ugly condos.

However, wasn’t there an issue with a failed pump or something last year that greatly hindered snow making last year? Was that fixed?

one year ago

Good memory. Yes, we did have a water pump go down last year, but it was repaired and put back into place. We’re inspecting our other pumps to make sure that they are as ready for the season as we are.

And in another piece of good news, we just took delivery of a Demaclenko Snowgun. Since we’re hosting the West Virginia Governor’s Conference on Tourism next week, we decided to temporarily place the snow gun in front of the lodge so all the attendees can get excited about the upcoming ski season too.

one year ago
Have you all added new outlets for the fan guns? What kind of stick guns did you get?
one year ago
Every year we hear about new snowmaking equipment…but then it doesn’t get used… 100% open after snowstorms…bare other times… fool me once…..
one year ago

Then stay home and watch your oil stocks tank.  CVR will be going off mid-December .  I can’t wait.  Thanks Mike and the rest of the dedicated staff…see you soon!

one year ago

The stick or Lance guns are from TechnoAlpin, and we’ll be receiving six more stick/lance guns from Snow Machines Inc. We don’t need more outlets, but we did need additional and more efficient snow guns to better utilize our system, especially now with increased capacity and water.

one year ago

Thanks, snapdragon! We think Mike Chaney and his mountain team are pretty awesome too. See you on the slopes.

one year ago

Whoa….Snappy Dragon…hold ur fire there Boy….see ya on the slopes…with or without the snowmaking we are promised every year…hope this years the charm!
BTW….retired at 53…im 56…will never work again…watching my portfolio grow big time again….thx for asking Richard…

one year ago

Canaan makes a ton of snow…and they have been steadily upgrading their infrastructure to make more.  Who is in shape for the upcoming season?  BTW…You’re welcome Richard…

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