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Wonderful Wisp - Sunday Feb 28th
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3 years ago

Our gang used our SS season pass swap option and grabbed a free lifty at Wisp on Sunday.  We arrived at the ticket office at 8:15 AM, flashed our SS passes and with a couple minutes we had a shiny Wisp lift ticket in hand.

We managed to grab 1st chair and actually had to wait about 15 minutes until they let us go up at 9AM.

First chair and fairly typical lines all day.

It was an absolute bluebird day.  Soft snow that was groomed and untracked for our first runs of the day.

The lake was frozen over and the natural snow from a couple days ago was melting pretty quickly in the mountains.

Temps warmed up quickly into the high 50’s near 60 by lunch time.  One of our fine member went with shorts and t shirt after lunch.

Conditions really went south as the temps rose.  We were hitting all these sticky spots that really made me uncomfortable.  As I cruised in for lunch, I hit one and my left ski came to a near complete stop while the rest of my body continued into a nice looking yard sale near the beginners area.  We got a good laugh about that.

We crusied a few greens with my buddies niece and nephew who were first timers.  They did great and really enjoyed skiing.

At 2 PM we called it a day and had a mini tailgate party with a few cold beers.

Fun day with spring like conditions.  My fear is the end of the season may be fast approaching so try to get out as often as you can.

3 years ago

Thanks for the TR / Photos.  Yesterday was indeed a beautiful day to be on the slopes.  I took my wife and two young children to Whitetail.  We had plans to arrive early, but my 18 month old got carsick and threw up on the drive up, so a detour (to clean him up and clean out the car) delayed our arrival until about 10:30am.

Still, even missing those magical first few hours, we had a blast.  Soft snow, good coverage, not too crowded.  I skied in a light fleece and sunglasses.  We left around 4, and it was a little slushy in places, but never anything that bothered me.  It was 68 degrees when we walked off the slopes! 

3 years ago

Nice pics. Will be there next weekend. Forecast for this week looks pretty good, so hopefully coverage will be about the same for our trip.

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