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2 years ago
Will be taking advantage of WTG reciprocal pass benefits and visiting WIsp with the family on March 5-6. Any tips (line avoidance strategies, etc). Any lodging suggestions. I was actually thinking of springing for the Wisp hotel so we could be slopeside for once.
2 years ago

The on-site hotel is, meh.  I prefer the Inn at Deep Creek, and they let you actually use the wood fireplaces!


2 years ago

Normally by March you don’t have to worry about any crowding.  Only exception might be if an inch of snow falls inside the Washington Beltway a couple days before the Saturday of your visit.  Doesn’t matter if the ski areas get nothing.  The sight of urban snow could drive the populace into a ski frenzy over the upcoming weekend:-)

2 years ago

I forget the names of the trails and lifts but when you go up the main face lift go straight ahead and a little right.  I takes you to what I call the back side.  Fun trails and usually minimal crowds.

I like wisp.  Lots of variety.  I may meet my ski buds there on Sunday.

2 years ago

Agreed that the hotel is meh, but if you stay in the old section, not the tower, the rooms are actually better.  Ask for the second floor to avoid skier noise of traffic between hotel and the lodge.  They will provide you with a locker for skis and a key so you can boot up in the room and head out.  Also if you can get slope side you can look out the window at the lift loading area and coordinate with family members without coming in (towel in window means were ready to come out, beer bottle in window means were done for the day, etc.)

Wisp can get crowded, but in general has three faces, the main face, the east face, and North Camp (west).  The greatest lift capacity is on the main face with three triples.  But this is also where a lot of people are.  These three lifts tend to have managable lines.  The lift to the far skiers right by ski patrol (1 or 3) I think will have the least amount of lines. 

East Face has one triple out with good runs, but can get busy on a big weekend.  As JimK sais, the season is on the wane, so I don’t know how bad the East Face will be this time of the year. This lift generally has experts to fledgling intermediates on it, but very little true beginners.

North Camp has one quad out, follwed by another to top out, and this lift can get very busy—sometimes terminal.  This is becuase it serves everyone, beginners on the greens, intermediates, and experts. 

One tip if it is REALLY crowded is lift 4 on the North Camp side serves 3-4 short beginner trails, but even on busy days this lift does not get long lines because it is more of a people mover.  You can loop this lift and at least be sliding instead of standing in line during the heat of the day.  It is particulary helpful if you have true beginners who will be on greens anyway. 

2 years ago

Thanks for the intel, everyone. I can live with a meh hotel if the rooms are clean and we can walk to the slopes. Was wondering if there would be a ski locker, it’s good to know there is one.

2 years ago

If anyone in your group snowboards give them a heads up that there are a fair amount of flat sections, especially when traversing between the areas mentioned above. I enjoy skiing here…but will avoid bringing the snowboard to wisp again.

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