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Hidden Valley Jan 29, 2016 (and a Laurel Mtn question)
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3 years ago

3 - 5 inches of snow was forecast on Friday so we decided to jump on the PA turnpike and swap our SS pass for a free day at HV.

Per usual, the slopes were empty and we skied right up to every lift.  We got in just under 30 runs from 9 AM to around 2 PM.

Steady snow all day covered the groomed slopes.  The only negative was the wind.  It was blowing hard upslope most of the day.  We had to take a break one time b/c the visibilty was tough when it snowed really hard.  I’m ashamed to say we bitched about how hard it snowed for a while.   Fresh pow stashes were available all day long.  I posted a few pics below.

LAUREL MTN Question ……  Never been there, decided to drive over to the state park to poke around and maybe snap a pic or two.  Where the hell are the slopes?    I drove in to the park entrance but could not find any signage for the ski area.  We lost cell service so could not map anything.  I saw a lake area and parking for a sledding area and snowmobiles.

I will say the park area was covered with natural snow.  I’ll bet that place is a gem.  I should have taken some pics but my camera was in my ski bag.


Looking at Lower Comet

Heavy snow from the main lodge

They were blowing snow on the lift run under the main quad.

Looking down Firebird

Typical Lift Line

Barracuda was untracked on our first run.

Skied up to the truck to end the day - Barrcuda to Viper to the parking area (audio sucks)




3 years ago

On US 30 at the Laurel Ridge Summit between Ligonier on the west and Jennerstown on the east, turn south on to Laurel Summit Road. Follow the road about 2 miles, past Laurel Mountain Village. On your right is the Laurel Mountain State Park Ski Area entrance on you left a parking lot. Turn right and through the gate, past the signs that warn you that it is a closed construction site and in about a mile you will come out to the construction trailers. If you can get past the guys in hard hats waving at you to sternly remind you that this is a closed construction site you will come to the Laurel Lodge and the top of the old quad. If you ask nice perhaps they’ll allow you to turn around down by the lodge. I doubt they will invite you to get out and look around because it is a closed construction site. :-)

3 years ago

Thx, LHC.  No desire to tresspass - just wanted to “see” where it was located in relation to 7S and HV.

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