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Conditions of the roads leading to Whitetail
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Updated 2 years ago
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2 years ago

How’s the driving around there once you get off the highways?

Any thoughts on whether those roads would be clear/doable for a non-4WD car? I was thinking of hitting it tomorrow but I’m concerned about the driving.






2 years ago

The roads have been fine for 3 days now…

2 years ago

I drove to Whitetail Sunday morning (need to write up a TR).  The hardest part was getting out of the DC area.  The Dulles Toll Road was a mess, and I only saw one other vehicle on it.  495 was a mess, with multiple cars spun out, unplowed areas, etc.  270 was the worst, with giant walls of snow jutting into travel lanes, etc.

Randomly, once I hit I-70, everything turned great.  It was completely dry blacktop, with traffic moving at 70mph+.  Not a single spot of snow in the roadway. 

The trip from I-70 to the resort was fine.  I was in an AWD SUV, but saw a few cars driving it.  Snow-packed roads, but nothing that worried me.  As long as you’re not in something like a RWD BMW with summer tires, you should be fine. 

Lots of people at the resort, but no liftlines for the express (just the fixed lift that serves beginner terrain next to it).  Full TR coming, but it was one of the better ski days I’ve had in many years; just skied soft bumps for about 4.5 hours straight under bluebird skies in 30 degree temps.  The only limit was my body; I was pretty gassed from all the snow shoveling, and it was my first day of the season.

2 years ago

I did end up going to Whitetail yesterday. The roads leading there were completely fine, in fact they’re in much better shape than roads in more urban areas.

LOTS of people had the same idea as me. I should have checked the school closings. Nearly every county in the vicinity of Whitetail had off for the day, so it was almost like a weekend crowd. Not that it was terrible, but I’ve been spoiled by midweek trips where there’s no crowds.



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