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Whitetail does the right thing!
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2 years ago

Went to Whitetail today on the MLK holiday. The first two trips up the high speed quad consisted of numerous delays of several minutes.  Went to the backside on exhibition for a while then came back to the front to warm up at the lodge.  When we went back out the lift was shut down.  The patrol said at least an half hour.  Some kind of spacing problem with the chairs.  40 minutes later we had enough.  Went to guest services and they gave us a voucher no questions asked.   Way to go!   

Orher places we all know in WV would never have done that. 



2 years ago

You beat me to the punch.  I got in several front side runs and the snow was awesome.  Dropped into the back and skied some too.

Retreated to the green hill for my last run …  and got a voucher!  Whitetail and Snowtime are fantastic.  Lots of people hiked up to the terrain park and dropped into the back side (which remained surprisingly empty).  I will use the voucher the this upcoming storm.

Reportedly the cold weather caused the chairs to bunch up when they detached from the main cable.  Lots of stop and go.  Anyone hear of that?? I have been a regular Whitetailer for 16 years and this is the first “bad” day I had.  And they took care of me.

2 years ago

Years ago I had a similar experience at Sugarbush during Christmas/NY break.  Even better, proactive experience, the CEO (Win Smith) greeted everybody as they left and handed out vouchers.  I told him thanks but it would be 12 months before I return…he said no problem, tell the ticket office when I return and it will be honored.  I did just that and it was honered no questions asked.  I emailed him a thank you and he responded.  Not sure you’d see that anywhere else.  If you ever have time, check out his blog on Sugarbush’s website. He’s very personally engage with the community and customers, a model owner imo.

2 years ago

I was at WT for night skiing last night and had one wait for the quad while the lifties worked really hard to reseat one chair that had detached. We got in a park run from Easy Rider and when we got back it was running again and then appeared to run for the rest of the night session.


BTW congrats to WT for the conditions: given the temperatures I expected a lot of ice, but, especially on the sides the runs were all in good shape. Exhibition got a little sketchy by 10pm, but we had a lot of fun runs on Fanciful where the guns were running all night. I looked like a popsicle by the end, but had fun playing in the bumps.

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