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Hidden Valley Trip Report 1/15/16
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Updated 4 years ago
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4 years ago

I’m a few days late in posting this but we managed to go to Hidden Valley on Friday.  I was thinking BK but I could not get a straight answer from them on how many slopes were open on Friday.  BK does a lousy job with their snow report, IMO.

Ok, enough about BK.  HV was very nice.  They had good coverage on the slopes that were open.  As usual, we skied right up to lift on every one of our runs except one.  We did lap after lap until lunch.  I know their runs are not long but it was fun just to be out on the slopes and basically have the place to ourselves.  We skied from 9 - 3 with about a 45 min break for lunch.  We managed 31 runs and just under 11K vertical.  I was home by 5 

The only negative was the $$.  Friday was the beginning of their MLK holiday weekend so we paid full fare ($68) since our SS season pass cannot be swapped on holidays or Saturdays.  I knew that going in so I really should not complain.  

Here’s a few pics.

We grabbed the Second Chair 

  Looking down Angels Elbow

Charger and Outback were not open but Comet was fun.

Lunch Crowd

Junior on his new board

No one around most of the day

Lunch Beer


4 years ago

Way to finish with a strong CAN do attitude!

4 years ago

I was there all day on Friday. The snow conditions were excellent. Next time you’re there, look me up. I’ll buy you a beer in Glaciers.

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