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Liberty Mountain Resort First Hand Report
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Scott, the DCski Editor asked me to post here since he is a bit busy. Scott normally does a nice edit, please forgive any issues.

Liberty Mountain Resort Firsthand Report   By Ed Fowler January 9, 2016

Nothing better than those first few turns of a new snow season. Anxious to see if losing weight and gaining muscle along with a new set of skis would make a noticeable improvement.  Seemed to take the cold air a long time to settle for snowmaking operations to begin.

 (Photos: Ed Fowler, LMR Backside)

Enough snow was made at Liberty Mountain Resort to cover 10 of the trails with a base of 8 inches.  Surface ranged from packed powder, some hard pack and some stashes of powder could be found. Variable would be a perfect word.

I took a class lesson and see what the instructor can tell me to work on this year. A very good idea and my class being made up of just me and Dave the instructor. I know Dave from race camp. Dave taught me two drills and off we went trying them out.

 (Photos: Ed Fowler, LMR Beginner Area)

Friday, I returned with Al and we began the drills from last night. I now can easily do the drills. Weather, was a grey day, with fog, and drizzle mix. Tough to see due to moisture build up on goggles. Two more trails opened up, Front Blue Streak and Back Lower Heavenly. Snow was a nice soft surface and held an edge nicely. Visibility was more of an issue today. No crowds, or waits over the last two days. Overall two days of fun, friends and the feeling that no other sport provides. The weight loss/ muscle power gain was evident both days. 

Liberty Mountain Resort’s new Highland Lodge just opened and the view inside is spectacular. A New outdoor fire pit with views that are as nice as the inside. The new pub, Eagle & The Owl Public House is now open.  Remember to change out of ski or snowboard boots and grab your street shoes to gain access to the new building (Photo Liberty Mountain Resort)

Two days and many more to follow. Starting Monday, a nice prolonged span of cold temperatures will yield another 70 inches or more snow this week on the slopes. Every day the trail count will grow, bases will grow, and expect the condition ratings to go up daily. 

Still need to SAVE 40% plus with a Nightclub Card? offers this program and signup is as easy as going to the LMR Clock Tower Building, Group Sales Counter and say “I need to purchase a SKIDOME Nightclub Card”. Contact if interested. 410-205-5442  Skidome’s blog has updates 3 times a week specific to Liberty, Roundtop, and Whitetail. Weather briefs, events, and conditions. 

Ed has been skiing locally for 20 years. Started the NCC program and enjoys ski racing, photography, and video.


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