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Masanutten v. Wisp Jan 24-25 weekend?
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3 years ago

Haven’t been to either one of these, but I’ve only skied Whitetail, Liberty, Timberline, Wintergreen and Snowshoe locally.

I was leaning Masanutten since it’s 100% open. But I’ve heard some good things about Wisp too and my buddy can get us a hotel one night for $30 since he works for a major hotel chain. 

I’d be down for Wisp over Masanutten if Wisp has more open by Jan 25. But I also coudl be happy going there now with about 70% open. Any thoughts? I’m an expert skier and my friend is an intermediate-expert, I guess. So we’d ski primarily blacks and then the Blues when we were bored of those. 

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
3 years ago

Never been to Wisp.  I see the total vertical is 700’.  You get more vertical off just Lift 6 at Mnut for the two longer black trails, around 850’ vertical.  Hopefully there will be bumps on the side of Paradice soon.  You won’t wait more than a chair or two on Lift 6 on a non-holiday weekend.  Plus Upper MAKAttack is a challenge in terms of bumps/humps.  Also fun on Showtime in the morning when it’s pretty much empty.  Going between Lift 5 and Lift 6 is easy now that Mass Transit and Yee Ha are open.

Here’s a DCSki report on Wisp from 2006:


Compared to Whitetail, I think Mnut is a better choice on a weekend for an advanced skier.  Total vertical is 935’, compared to 1100’ at Mnut.

The Highlands at Wintergreen, double blacks at Timberline, or Western Territory at SS provide more challenge for an advanced skier than the blacks at Mnut.  One advantage of Mnut over Wintergreen is that all trails are lit, including the 3 blacks.  So if you don’t feel like arriving for first tracks, can keep skiing for 8 hours no matter when you start.  Or have the option of skiing after 4pm at the night rate.

The Motel 6 in Harrisonburg at US33 and I-81 was renovated relatively recently.  Advertised rate on their sign is $45.99 but that may be for one person.  Basic but clean.  15 miles from the Mnut ski lodge.  There is another Motel 6 one exit south on I-81 that is a few dollars cheaper that has a microwave/frig in every room.


marzNC - DCSki Supporter
3 years ago

More than you want to know about Massanutten.  I don’t work there.  Just a Mnut happy skier since 2004.  Decided to get season passes for me and my daughter starting 2009-2010 after exploring the other options within a half-day’s drive of Raleigh.  I’m an older advanced skier who takes a couple trips out west for big mountain skiing.



3 years ago

I think most regulars on this site would agree that Wisp skis bigger than its stated vertical.  It sprawls over three faces but with some annoying flat areas.  However, just on raw slopes, I would put Wisp as a factor of 2 over the Nut, meaning twice as much to play with at all three skiing levels.  While DJ and Paradice are nice runs, and the blues are decent runs, at the Nut, you are basically going to end up with two long, beautiful, but mellow blacks, and three nice but short blue runs.  At Wisp, you are going to have as blacks The Face, Squirrel Cage, Main Street, Eye Opener and Odins Chute, and all of these slopes are distinct and noticeably steeper than anything at the Nut.  For you as the expert, if the Face is bumped up, and Devils Drop and the woods between the Face and DD are open (natural snow, some blow over possible), there will be no comparison.  That being said, the blues at Wisp are lacking (really only three), heavily traveled, somewhat narrow, and scraped off early, etc. etc., so the true intermediate may not be happy there.  On the bright side, Wisp has three significantly long greens that are some of the best cruisers in the Mid-A.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
3 years ago

How are liftlines at Wisp on weekends?  Don’t hear much about the place.  One of these days, I’d like to check it out when it’s 100% open.  Having woods with skiable snow would be interesting.

3 years ago

I hit Wisp that weekend with my friend. Runs are too short, lift lines though were non-existant. Depsite the variety the mountain offers, because the vertical is pretty low, and the runs pretty short in many places, I was quickly bored. More bored than I have been at most mountains in the mid-atlantic. 



3 years ago

Yep, I agree about Wisp.  Went one time years ago, and have had no desire to go back.  Would maybe be an ok place to take little kids too, but there are much better options available for not much more drive time.

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