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4 years ago

Work has me in Harrisburg this week, so I brought my board with me to check out Roundtop.  The place was a lot larger than I had assumed it was, and had some cool terrain.  They do a lot with their 600 feet of vert.  It reminded me a lot of the front side Seven Springs (if you cut out Boomerang and Fawn Lane)  They had some good steeps, and two of the trails were really bumped up.  One had bumps the of a VW.  I believe that trails name was upper Lafayettes Loop.  They were soft, it was nice.  They had plenty of lifts so there were no lines.  

I was also very impressed with the beginnners area.  It had it’s own lift, and two wide flat trails that were about a half mile long.  Perfect for learning.  The bottom of one of those trails had a section that was bumped up with bumps about 2-3 feet in size.  I hit that a few times, as I am trying to get better at skiing the bumps.  I have never seen a learning area with moguls.  That was bad ass.

I only saw a few bad things.  The price was $44 for 5 hours of night skiing.  That is pretty ridiculous.  Especially for a mid atlantic with 600 feet of vert.  The main slope was very icy.  It needed to be groomed very badly.  I think this was because it got a little warmer this morning, and it was the only non park area with lots of skiiers.  Finally there were crap tons of teenagers.  It must have been school race night or something.

Overall, I would definately ski it again.  I wouldn’t make a special trip to do it, but I had fun for the five hours I was there.  I think that was about the perfect ammount of time.

4 years ago

If you were there last night it was their student night. It is around $35 for a lift, rental, and lesson if needed. It is a great deal for students, but it does being in some extra crowds, especially considering that Baltimore county and city have quite a few colleges and are only an hour or so away. 

Ive never been up to roundtop, but I know there were a fair amount of students at the whitetail Wednesday night specials. 

4 years ago

I was there today actually.  I counted 12 buses.  Here are some photos from the trip.


Some photos of the bumps.

Looking down one of the slopes.

4 years ago

Glad you got to check it out.  The little headwall on Upper Gunbarrel trail (looker’s far left) is short, but pretty dang steep.  Surprised about the crowds on a Thurs night.  Some of the largest school districts in the DC area are off 30th and 31st.  Dunno if that contributed to the crowd?  Not sure where you normally ride, but you’re timing is good.  This week has featured probably the best conditions so far this winter in our region.

4 years ago

I live in Columbus, OH, so I really don’t have a home area.  I usually do a few weekend trips per year spread between 7 springs, Snowshoe, and the Valley.  Other than that I get out to our local sledding hills in Central Ohio, 5-6 evenings per season.  And usually a trip to Colorado.  I won’t get to make it to Colorado this year, which makes me sad.

I was impressed with this “suburban” ski area,  They did a really nice job with what they had.

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