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4 years ago

Well we’ve been waiting to see what our boy Bob would do and today they announced the highlands pass for unlimited sking and riding at 7springs and hidden valley. $50 upgrade for existing passholders at Springs and $100 for existing passholders at Hidden Valley. What are everyone’s thoughts? I was hoping it would be free for existing 7 springs passholders to ski at hidden valley. But, I guess nothing is free. Overall, can’t really complain about the $50 and I’m looking at this as a positive development. 

4 years ago

I guess the $50-$100 is within reason. Beyond that I am disappointed that they didn’t announce anything beyond the season pass with respect to integration and future plans.  For example, will there be a shuttle bus to take those Highland Pass holders between resorts, or will one need to schlep their way back to parking areas and drive back and forth.  Also, wondering what the food service at Hidden Valley will be?  It is a shame they are looking to close Hops just as it seemed to be getting a following after lots of previous inconsistency.  Understand that food service needs improvement at HV, but closing things without something better and ready to go isn’t an improvement.  

4 years ago

They didn’t offer a free shuttle when they operated Laurel for 1 season but that was before Bob Nutting. It would have been nice to be able to add Laurel to the Highland Pass this year.

4 years ago

$100 to add unlimited skiing at Seven Springs to your HV season pass I think is a pretty nice deal. If you use it 3 times you made your money back. This is the positive benefit of having 7S own HV.

Of course, I think 7S season pass holders only have to pay $50 to upgrade their season pass to ski at HV.

Perhaps someday before I die, they can add Laurel Mtn to the Highlands pass….someday.

Next step, it would be nice to know where we’re going to eat. Hops Pub closes this weekend since Skyline Ventures contract has ended. I liked having the Subway in the ski lodge. I like their sub sandwhiches. I will miss that.

 Food service at 7S has always been pretty good. Hopefully, they will bring that know how to HV.

Also note that the model home and lot in the Green Tee subdivision has been sold to a couple from Virginia. They plan to live their full time. John Henry Construction did a fine job with that house. The interior was quite nice.


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