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Rentals around Seven Springs
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Updated 5 years ago
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5 years ago

Hi, I’m interested in getting some tips on renting a house at (or nearby) Seven Springs for a few days this winter. Looking for something that can sleep at least 6-7, near the slopes. Haven’t done my research yet… I’m coming here first for insiders’ tips. Feel free to message me privately if that’s easier. 

5 years ago

I have found the best options to be just outside the resorts.  Prices are lower, and you generally have more privacy and unique places than with the condos at the resorts.  Numerous places are listed on  Here is a really neat place perched along a stream that is just down the road:

5 years ago

Lodge above very nice and, very close to Laurel Mtn Inn.

5 years ago

Any other tips? At this point, I guess it’s more last-minute since my group wasn’t able to book in advance.

I have a group of about six people looking for a weekend in February. Not looking for anything fancy. What would be the best options/places to search?





5 years ago
I reccomend Nice cabins. Picturesque settings and a short drive to 7s and HV

Ad: Canaan Valley Resort

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