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7 years ago
Anyone know how crowded Camelback will be on MLK weekend, relative to other resorts (Snowshoe, Timberline, Seven Springs)? I haven’t been there in years, and was thinking of trying it out with the family.
7 years ago
The Poconos resorts are generally very crowded (Elk is probably the main exception.) Those areas are close to Philly, NYC, NJ, etc., in addition to being accessible to DC/Baltimore.
7 years ago
On the exact same weekend, I skied Timberline at night and Camelback the next day. Camelback felt like daylight (amazing lighting system) but also felt like daylight hours because of ALL THE PEOPLE.

Camelback was a cool little place though, but not a resort I’d like with crowd.
7 years ago
I went to Camelback on a non-holiday weekend once. I will never make the mistake of going there on a weekend again. Long line (15+ minutes) at every lift (except the L4 because it’s base is hidden behind some trees and no one else seemed to be able to find it) and ridiculously crowded trails.

If you’re heading that way, Elk or even Sno would be a much better choice with regards to crowds.
7 years ago
Thanks, I really appreciate the input…I was thinking about Camelback because I have a 4th grader who can ski there free on MLK weekend, but it sounds like it might be a little crazy for our tastes.

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