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Puking snow in CV!
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Updated 2 years ago
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2 years ago

Whew….really coming down over there! The CV webcam looks pretty snowy too.

The 2" we got in Harrisonburg melted by noon… I guess some places north of Charlottesville picked up 10" from the storm!
2 years ago
Yeh..been some serious Snow squalls on the backside of that clipper.
how did you capture that pic Abe & not have it keep updating itself?
2 years ago
Right-click, save, then post to photobucket wink

CVR is claiming 10" out of the storm… wish I could have been there!
2 years ago
the map indicates that wintergreen should be making out really well. looks like they got at least 6" which is HUGE this year….
Snow reason not to share.
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