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camelback or seven springs?
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Updated 8 years ago
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8 years ago
Don’t see much discussion about camelback on this forum… I’m going skiing this Friday and trying to decide where to go. I’m willing to drive a little further then the closest resorts (liberty or whitetail) to get more slopes - but still need to keep it a day trip. My daughter and I are decent skiers - neither of us likes bumps though. We ski all trails at liberty or whitetail.

I haven’t been to either place in years. Both should be able to make a lot of snow this week. Any advice on which one to pick?
8 years ago
See post by curih about camelback last year. Read the whole thread. Sno is not much further and might be a better option. Elk is a little further. Iffy anywhere right now but getting better. Tell us what you decide. Business Bruce seems to know those resorts as well.
8 years ago
I don’t think I found the thread by curih. All I saw was his post about the crowds and never go there on a weekend. I’m thinking Friday would avoid the crowds. With the natural snow that SS is getting, that might be better.

I probably won’t decide until Friday morning when I’m getting ready to leave or else let my daughter pick…
8 years ago
My favorite part of Camelback was the 30 super steep vertical feet of descent at the very top - 11 years ago - during a night skiing venture.
Cool place though.
8 years ago
I had fun when I went to Camelback a couple of years ago. However, I was there on a weekday. My understanding is Camelback gets really crowded on the weekend. 7 Springs should have a lot open, but I would expect heavy crowds there as well.

Honestly I could have fun skiing either as long as the trails are not too crowded and the lift lines aren’t too long.

8 years ago
Camelback is crazy crowded on weekends. Fridays a usually busy but bearable. Not a bad choice for a day trip if you want something bigger than SnoTime.

Personally, I find the mountain kind of boring for it’s size (I feel the same about Whitetail and others that are just a bunch of identical trails straight down a ridge). I’d take Elk or Timberline over it any day, though both are a little further.

Sno is not bad. They have excellent snowmaking, but a terrible trail layout and the worlds slowest lifts.
8 years ago
FYI, Liftopia.com has discount tickets for Camelback at decent rates.
8 years ago
Check PA rest areas on I-81 on the way up there. My wife picked up a Camelback brochure with some discounts the other day but I have not seen what those are yet.
8 years ago
You might want to check out Blue Mountain instead of Camelback. I like the trail layout better and they should have at least as much terrain open. It’s a little closer if you are planning a day trip. Neither place will be crowded if you get there early. Crowds will begin rolling in after lunch were ever you go but it won’t be crazy like the weekends.
8 years ago
I actually ended up going to Seven Springs on Friday. The fact that they got natural snow earlier in the week was the deciding factor.

Suprisingly, we had a very nice day with excellent conditions. There were enough slopes open on both the front and the north face to keep us busy. No lift lines the entire day. The slopes that were open all had good coverage.

It had been 30 years since I had last been to SS. I was surprised. The slopes are not long, but they have a decent pitch to them. A long drive from Baltimore (3.5 hours) for a day trip but given the winter so far I was desperate for some decent slopes.

Alhough charging weekend rates for a Friday seems a bit odd…

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