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The Homestead's Sepp Kober inducted into HoF
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JimK - DCSki Columnist
10 years ago
Sepp Kober induction into the Hall of Fame.

This may be old news to some, but I wanted to share info on the induction of Sepp Kober to the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame in April 2010.

Two fine recent press articles on Mr. Kober:…btype=firsttrax

Hall of Fame bio:

Sepp Kober was director of skiing at The Homestead for 40 years. He was a major early force in fostering skiing in the Southeast. Sepp had a hand in developing numerous ski areas in our region and is the nearest thing we have to a Godfather of Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic skiing. It was my pleasure to meet him at The Homestead in 2005 where he was still a magnificent presence on the ski slopes. In his late 80’s now, his health is failing, but it’s great that he’s still with us to enjoy this honor.

Check out this photo of Sepp back in the day, getting some serious angulation!
9 years ago
Sorry to hear that Sepp Kober passed.
Reading your story about your family’s visit to the Homestead reminded me oa a few days my wife and I spent there for Valentines, a couple of years ago. What a place (or should I say palace?)!! As you said, the ski area is small and very limited, but was not crowded when I skied there. There is another near 1000 very-skiable vertical feet directly above the present lift top. If only… Somewhere on the slopes or ski lodge I lost one of my digital hearing aids, resulting in a neat after ski expense of over $3K to replace…ouch. I actually walked up the slope, directly under the chair, looking for the proverbial "needle in a haystack". I also closed the slopes that day as I skied down an inch at a time, traversing the slopes looking for a little brown dot in the sea of white. Lots of dots, but all were twigs in the snow placed there by the snow grooming equipment.
I must have dug a hundred twigs out of the snow! I did receive a compliment from an employee at the bottom who had watched my long (time-wise) desent…"great form" she said.
The Homestead is a marvel.
The Colonel smile

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Snowcat got your tongue?
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