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Liberty Mountain opening day Saturday Dec. 12
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Updated 10 years ago
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10 years ago
Liberty opens tomorrow - check the website for # of trails etc.
10 years ago
Glad to hear it Otto!

A question: on the Backside, the trail listed as opening Saturday are Lower Heavenly, Whitney’s Way and Lower Ultra. What open run will link the top of the lifts to these lower-mountain runs?

Or do we walk?

10 years ago
Assuming this is not an oversight, it would still be possible to drop in from Dipsy——right?? Just saying.
10 years ago
Liberty will be open 9AM to 10PM both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Normal hours and daily operation all next week.

Liberty will have Beginner area, West side terrain park, Dipsy, Heavenly (top to bottom), Whitney Way and Lower Ultra open tomorrow AM.
10 years ago
The cut-through at the bottom of the S-turn on Dipsy will likely provide access to Whitney’s.

If not, you might have to take your boards off and walk a bit, but that’s not unusual when accessing "extreme" terrain.
10 years ago
First of all, don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped that the local hills are opening up for the year. It is kind of a tease though and a gripe I have this time every year. They’ll open up all of the greens, the terrain parks but then maybe 1 or 2 blues and almost never a diamond. Other than just the ability to strap the skis on again for the first time in months (and that still might be reason enough) there is not much reason for an experienced skier to spend the time in the car and then drop $40 for runs that will be boring once the novelty of first day of the season wears off.

I’m sure plenty of studies have done and opening this way makes the most sense financially, but it’s still frustrating.

I’m thinking that the extra 30-40 mins in the car each way might be worth it for Roundtop this weekend; they seem to be opening with the best terrain variety. There’s no chance I go anywhere near Whitetail until the open up something besides Cluster F Alley (aka Angel Drop) from the top.

Sorry if I’m bring down the opening weekend happy vibes; I really am excited.
10 years ago
Representing the over 50 crowd : ) I’m glad they open gradually. It gives me a chance to get my mojo back. No matter how hard I worked in the gym this month, I’m still sitting here at the keyboard with sore quads after skiing my brains out on Angel Drop LMAO

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