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Camelback Announces Openning Nov 22!?
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Updated 11 years ago
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11 years ago
From the Camelback website, 11/17/08 2220 hrs:
"Camelback Mountain Resort is thrilled to announce that it will begin making snow tonight, November 17, 2008. Coupled with one of the more favorable forecasts in recent years, Camelback’s newly upgraded snowmaking system will have terrain available this weekend should temperatures hold. This milestone will mark Camelback’s earliest opening in its near fifty year history."
The Colonel smile
11 years ago
Wow. That’s a pretty gutsy move. I like it. I really hope that this weather gets resorts AND resort goers excited about this ski season. If conditions stay good ski areas capitalize on the opportunity then I think that it could be a huge boost for some of the struggling resorts in this area. Let it SNOW!!
11 years ago
wow, very gutsy indeed! Hope they blast and have a great opening. Lets just pray this is the first of many this weekend and the following week!
11 years ago
Sno Mountain website says they’ve got their guns running as well, but no opening date listed.

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