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Jack Frost Party
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Updated 12 years ago
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12 years ago
My wife and I just found a place to rent for the season in CV and we are bringing stuff up this weekend. What, where and when is the Jack Frost Party that people have mentioned?

12 years ago
hey Tom, welcome to the valley! JackFrost party is saturday evening at Whitegrass touring center which is on Freeland Rd (next road on 32 north of the state park about a mile)

12 years ago
Big party, lots of good food, bring a covered dish, mountain music free beer, snacks and all kind o people, even ullr will be there!

I have a feeling work will intrude on me this weekend, not sure i’ll be able to make it down. Who else planz to be there?
12 years ago
Wanna go, but it’s the spouse’s holiday thingy on Saturday so for marital bliss I have to pass on what is the best celebration of the advent of winter east of the Mississsippi. \:\( \:\( \:\( Drink a toast to ullr and the much anticipated pow-pow for the season.
Denis - DCSki Supporter
12 years ago
I’ll be there. \:\)

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