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$17.50 / $22.50 lift ticket at Snowshoe Mtn!
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11 years ago
There is this great deal for snowshoe mtn that I guess not many people know about this deal and there is no link from any other pages on snowshoemtn.com

It ‘s buy one get one free for lift ticket:


You need purchase the ticket with an american express card and be sure to print out the coupon in the link above. Note that seem like very few people know that this deal exist and it was a little tricky for me to use this coupon. I went to the check-in at top of the world and asked about this deal and I was advised to go to “Mountain Sales” (the ski/snowboard rental at top of the world) in order to use this deal on the weekend (it is valid mid-week only and on the weekend during early/late season). The free lift ticket you get must be used on the same day and be sure to print enough coupons! (if you want to get 8 lift tickets, you need 4 coupons, they actually asked me for 4 coupons and luckily I printed them out) You need to have an even number of people in the group, coz the free ticket must be used on the same day!

The late season ticket costs $45 on the weekend, that will make it only $22.50 for each person. It is $35 for mid-week, that will make it only $17.50 for each person!!

I used it on the past weekend and had a blast with almost a foot of snow there!

Ad: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

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