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Jack Frost Celebration, Whitegrass December 2
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12 years ago
Whitegrass is the largest enclave of hippies this side of Berkley, and they know how to have a great time. December 2 they kick off the winter with their annual Jack Frost Celebration. It warms up with a Pot Luck dinner where people start to trickle in around 5:30 pm or so, then it really gets rocking with live homespun progressive blue grass that you cannot resist tapping your foot to. Bonfire, moonshine, few kegs are tapped…

Maybe Jimmy can back me up on the good times had by all

12 years ago
Swimma where u bin i missed u . Looked to me like everybody was havin good times last year. Good food cold beer all kinds of nice people, even snowed a bit. I remember shotski, 12 feet long six glasses…… i remember getting busted by chip helping redman try to start a wood fire in the big coal stove, that was fun. Probably a few more stories i saw some other dcskiers there, good party to kick off the season, see you there.
12 years ago

Shouldn’t hang out with Redman. He’ll get you in trouble everytime, especially if he has matches or anything sharp.

I’d love to attend a Jack Frost Celebration, but I’d end up using one of my kitchen passes that otherwise would be used for skiing. But if Tline or CV was +50% open I could be talked into attending.
12 years ago
How did Chip think he was going to get the coal fired up w/out an existing fire. I guess we should have just started a small wood fire and then put in the coal instead of hauling a half a cord of wood into the shed. I’m looking forward to getting that old coal thing fired up on the 2nd and then busting out the guitar in the backyard yurt. I’ve got a few tunes I’ve been working on in the offseason. Who’s bringing the chickens to slaughter for the Ulle offering? SnoVoodoo!!! (:^O)>>> SCWA Riding this weekend?
12 years ago
Jack Frost has been the kick off to my winter season in WV for years, probably since it was just a little, itty, bitty, gathering of locals. Now it has become the biggest bash in the valley for the year. Some years there was so much snow that 4WD or AWD was required if you wanted to get in or out. Some others, it was t-shirts and shorts. The special brews form the local micro’s are always cold and enjoyable. The feast is usually an unbelievable assortment of pallatable goodies. I used to plan for weeks to bring just the right offering for the frostgoers. I’m not sure if I will make it this year due to previous committments, however, I’m sure there will be someone to take my place. Give my best to Chip, Laurie, their boys, and the rest. Man, I miss those folks!
12 years ago

….. I guess we should have just started a small wood fire and then put in the coal instead of hauling a half a cord of wood into the shed…

Yup and back out again, that would’ve only been half the fun tho, something contagious about starting a fire, you’re pickin???? i’m in.
12 years ago
Redman & Jimmy,

Between the two of you firestarters, who was the voice of reason?


You up for the Dirty 30 or the Big Loop? Saturday works best for me.
12 years ago
So here is where I finally find the redman lurking,
and now that I’ve finally moved out of Centreville..
12 years ago
Ahhh, Mr Camp…yes I lurk here and over on the MORE page also. So you’ve left C’ville for the Clear Springs area? I hope you will still be a W@W regular! I’ll drop by White Grass periodically to see if you’re up and about. (:^O)>>>
12 years ago
Moved to Chambersburg, PA, north of Whitetail.
I can see the mtn bike heaven of Michaux from town.
Plan to spend a lot of time at Whitetail and White Grass.
Hope to see ya before the next round of Weds.
12 years ago
Hi there Jimmy! How fun to find you here as I just discovered this site.
Looking forward to see you at Jack Frost and many more times on the slopes and hopefully more on Whitegrass trails this year as you will become a tele addict and will start enjoying to earn your turns as you traverse uphill first.
Swimmer, looking forward to share a beer with you at the party.
12 years ago
So, Gisela,
Could you share the location of that “tele heaven stash” on Chip’s site?
12 years ago
Hey there Ski Bum, glad you found me here, dcski almost as much fun as Jack Frost. I just found out this morning that addiction is genetic, explains a lot eh? I, maybe we, will see you Saturday!
12 years ago
Camp, chip might be referring to the Nato breakfast bowl, not sure.
Denis - DCSki Supporter
12 years ago
Gisela, Jimmy, et.al. I’ll see you there. I chose not to drive tonight so I’ll be showing up in mid PM tomorrow, with skis in the car and hoping for snow. Bringing a batch of my special 3-alarm chili for the festivities.

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