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Liberty Mountain to OPEN this Friday!
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Updated 14 years ago
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14 years ago
Official word from Liberty is that they will open THIS Friday, December 9th. Over the weekend, snow was made on the First Class area, Dipsy Doodle, and Heavenly. Snow making will continue this week to build the base up on those trails and to expand to Sneaky Pete and Blue Streak and (optimistically) more on the back side.

14 years ago
whitetail opens friday as well. however if you want to get out a day early, head to roundtop as they will be opening thursday at 4 PM.
14 years ago
kyool! enjoy it! GAME ON !!!!!!!
14 years ago
Excellent, the wait is over!
14 years ago
Have fun out there guys! Maybe I’ll see you up at Whitetail next weekend!
14 years ago
Sorry I’m late to the party, but I’ve been busy as all get out. Last time I was at Liberty was Saturday (3rd), but the snowmaking was going all-out all day, and they having been putting down a good amount of snow. The recent snowfall missed them, but I’m confident that there will be plenty of snow on Friday. I’m assuming (without any knowledge) that the decision to open Friday and not before is a business decision, not based on snow depth or quality. There’s a lot of snow, and I can’t imagine Whitetail not having a great laydown as well.

This year is starting a whole heck of a lot better than last!

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