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Video from the Slopes: Colleen Kenney Interviews Bryce’s Ryan Locher
By Colleen Kenney, DCSki Contributor
January 24, 2007

Video from the Slopes: Colleen Kenney Interviews Bryce’s Ryan Locher

Daughter of DCSki Columnist Jim Kenney, Colleen Kenney is a senior at American University majoring in Communications. After a night of supervising snowmaking and other mountain operations, Ryan Locher, Mountain Manager at Bryce Resort, was awoken from an afternoon nap and generously agreed to join Colleen for this brief interview.

Read Jim Kenney’s complete Firsthand Account of the trip to Bryce here.

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John Sherwood
13 years ago

Nice video. I like the idea of more video on DCSki, especially if Youtube hosts it for free. Hosting of large video files has always been a problem in the past, but I think YouTube now solves that problem. Scott, correct me if I am wrong?

In the future, I’d like to see more action shots. Videos of people actually skiing or enjoying the park….

That would be cool
13 years ago
I’m hoping to have more videos now, and YouTube definitely solves the bandwidth problem. I tried video once or twice in the past, but hosting the video files on DCSki’s server didn’t work out too well. My bandwidth is optimized for page-loads, and not streaming video, and changing that would have been very expensive. So YouTube eliminates that as a problem. So, expect to see more video in the future!
13 years ago
Hi Colleen, Good to see you again. Nice article and great use of utoob. Who was your videographer? Couple of more contributions like that we’ll lobby Scott to give you status of Columnist and hope you’ll enjoy all the perks and the handsome compensation that goes with the title. When are you coming back to West Virginia?
13 years ago
Well done, Colleen! Interesting to hear the comments of someone like Ryan Locher whose family has lived the ski business for so long.

What’s your next project? Hope to see more interviews like this one on DCSki.com.

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