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Sunspots Could Spell a Colder Winter
By Ed Fowler, Guest Author
September 29, 2008
Could sunspots spell a colder winter?

Cycles seem to be everywhere, and no exception with our SUN. Weather on earth is influenced by our sun in both temperature and magnetic field changes. It is funny that people laugh at almanacs, which base there predictions on the earth, moon and star. Maybe the almanacs know something we do not.

Scientifically sunspot numbers have been recorded for over 400 years. One cycle happens every 11 years. Sometimes this cycle gets interrupted and that has a cooling effect on the earth based on 400 years of data. Sometimes there were no sunspots for extended periods of time. This lack of sunspots coincides with the Maunder minimum and the Dalton minimum. Both of these timeframes had very cold winters.

So what you ask? The sunspot cycle is very low, almost non existent right now. This has not occurred for over 150 years (not since 1812). Could this be a sign of a cold winter? We are not talking ice age, just 2 degrees Fahrenheit below normal. Less sunspots equates to less heat hitting the earth and less cosmic rays. I am sure as soon as this is written everything will change. So winter maybe looking up. Look to the stars my snow friends.

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Ed Fowler
10 years ago
A new sunspot cluster has emerged. 1005.
Still the Sun is in a low energy period.

The latest from—— Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Forecasts Coldest Winter in Five Years In The Eastern U.S.

Bookends - COLD dec cold feb!
Ed Fowler
10 years ago
Ah back to Zero sunspots

Cluster 1005, 1006 have faded away. topped out at 16 spots.

Beautiful Frost last night.
ed fowler
10 years ago
Sun output energy still low. Clusters 1005, 1006 with up to 24 spots has faded away.

And it is snowing in the northeast. wahoooooo.
Bring on winter!!!
ed fowler
10 years ago
A few come and go. Sun output still low setting the stage for an early winter (fingers and toes crossed) - Today check the upper mid west. see snow.
Ed Fowler
10 years ago
just find it interesting.
Snow reason not to share.
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