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Recent snowshoe pics and vids
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one year ago

Just thought I would post a few recent photos and videos. All but the first are from 3/31. Let me know if these are visible - I am linking from FB and I am not sure if this will work. Apologies for the poor video quality.

Powder day, 3/21. Grabhammer liftline:

On the way to Snowshoe, 3/31. Just west of Staunton, VA:

Skiing down Widowmaker. Conditions were pretty sweet in the morning:

My son jumping onto Lower Ballhooter:

Another one of him on a jump on Lower Cupp  (he a partially screened by another skier):

Spring bumps on Sawmill:

Contemplating the end of the ski season by the Greenbrier river in Cass on the way home:


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