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President's Weekend - potential Conditions update
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Updated 11 months ago
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11 months ago

Timberline skied very well this weekend in spite of the rain.  The Drop, White Lightning and Off the Wall skied well.  OTW had really excellent bump skiing all weekend.  However, by Sunday skiers right (where the bumps are) was getting bare especially at the top.  I see the run is closed today.  In either a stroke of brilliance or a monument to ineptitude OTW has a stockpile of 10 large whales that could be used to patch up and easily reopen the trail by the important President’s Weekend.  Having that run available would make Tline a good choice this coming weekend.  Otherwise, it might be a bit boring for advanced skiers.  The Drop has plenty of snow and WL, while a bit narrow, should be skiable.

11 months ago

Extra sloppy, just like Billy Madison’s Sloppy Joes..  WinterPlace also skied very well Saturday in the rain, really good Saturday night when it cooled down a little more..  More rain and temps in the 50s all week isn’t looking good.  But at least the forecast is showing some breaks in the rain mid day Saturday, maybe even a little snow mixed in with that rain.

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