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Canaan Valley Resort Trail Conditions
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one year ago

So pretty good, huh?

one year ago

Didn’t suck.

Really nice corduroy. Cool enough to keep the snow fresh, but not the bitter cold of the past few weeks. I’ll be bashing the off-piste out west soon, but supreme effortless turns today. With mostly empty trails. Enjoyed it.

one year ago

Looks like much of Timberline’s more advanced terrain is still closed. But Canaan is generally open? Is that right? Was reading a report in the other thread about CV during the week. 

one year ago

8.4” overnite and still coming down.  More to follow Sunday into next week and beyond.  Thank you Ullr!!!

one year ago

I chose Canaan Valley for skiing today (Friday, February 2) primarily because of the Valley’s reports of 4-6” of snow Thursday night into Friday morning after some warmish weather 24 hours before.  Snow totals for Blue Knob and Seven Springs were not as high, and apparently only r@!n had fallen at Liberty, Whitewtail and maybe even Wintergreen.

No snow en route on my drive west from Winchester VA until west of Moorefield, WV.  The 4-6” reported for the CV itself proved to be accurate. Canaan Valley Ski Resort’s lodge was a bit busier than I’d expected b/c of some youth/school groups and Wounded Warriors, but lift lines and crowded slopes were absent as usual.

Snow cover was good to excellent.  Nice stashes of powder, incl. wind-blown powder, on most runs.  Many runs such as Gravity were left ungroomed.  Several natural snow runs were open, but Upper Prosperity and Dark Side of the Moon (a personal favorite) were still closed.

The main holdover from the warm weather Weds-Thurs was the ice-coated chairlift seats.  No way to avoid a chilly wazoo after sitting on (or in) a layer of ice for the slow ride to the top.  The winds and single-digit temperatures already caused me to go heavy on the gear, but I added thermal bottoms to the mix after fewer than a half-dozen rides to the top on those icy seats.

I honestly don’t think CV could have done much about the seats.  It rained at night and then the bottom dropped out of the thermometer.  I think I may have found today’s best skiing in the Mid-Atlantic.  My only complaint was the $12.30-something cost of a meatball sub. The $8.99 price of a barbecue sandwich was posted, but not the cost of the MB sub, which I thought would be comparable.  My mistake, ofc, but a disappointment nonetheless.


one year ago
Trying to figure out if the Sunday snow will merit a trip on Monday. I need to pick my days off carefully. If I am not in WV on Monday I will try for a half day at MNut.
one year ago

It did. Monday was very nice. Looked like two or three skiers had been down Prosperity by noon. Meadows 2, 3 were very nice bottomless snow. Should have stayed a few more days…………………………….

one year ago

Awesome. Opted for Silver Creek and there was plenty of pow to be found there.

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