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4 years ago

Hola DC Skiiers and Boarders!

I am going to be in Harrisburg, PA for work all next week, and I have noticed that roundtop is a 20 minute drive from where I am staying.  So I figured I may head up there one evening to make a few runs.  However it looks rather expensive.  Is it really worth $44 for four hours of night skiing?

I also see that Whitetail is also only about an hour away, and is a larger ski area.  I plan on getting out of work around 5:30 each day, so I would lose a little bit of ski time if I had to drive there.  It is also the same price.

My question is- what are your opinions about these places?  Is it worth the drive time/money to ski for four hours here?

Thanks for your input!

4 years ago

All the Snow Time resorts are well run and worth checking out esp on an empty weekday with good conditions.  Same $44 for weekend nights and weekday nights seems strange.  You’d think weekday nights would be less, but I think you are correct?  Wednesday is men’s day at Roundtop for $40.  Check with them, if that is good all day and night it might save you a few bucks and allow you to start before 5pm. 

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